China includes 17 cancer drugs on medical insurance list

2018-10-10 15:39:23 | From:CGTN

  China has included 17 cancer drugs on the medical insurance list, the country's state medical insurance administration announced on Wednesday.

  [Photo: IC]

  The price of the 17 drugs dropped 56.7 percent averagely compared to the average retail price. And, they have been priced lower than the market prices in the neighboring countries and regions, remarkably reducing the economic burden of people battling cancer in China.

  This June, China's drug authority launched a new round of negotiations with pharmaceutical companies on the inclusion of cancer drugs for medical insurance.

  44 cancer drugs that were not covered in the list were reviewed during the negotiations, and 17 drugs were finally selected to be added on the list.

  All of them are clinically necessary, effective, and urgently needed for cancer treatment.

  The move also reflects the country's support for medical innovation and stronger push for research and development. 10 of the 17 newly included drugs have been publicly available since last year.

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