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Tibet invites aid-Tibet experts help improve public culture service

2019-01-24 09:50:00China Tibet Online

In 2018, the Cultural Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region invited 14 experts from the National Library of China, China National Opera &Dance Drama Theatre, and five more national cultural agencies for three months of consultation at Tibet’s Dance and Music Troupe, Drama Troupe, Mass Art Gallery, Tibet Library, and the Ethnic Art Troupe of Shigatse, in order to help Tibet build excellent shows and elevate its public culture service.

For example, experts helped the Mass Art Gallery of Tibet Autonomous Region fully use its own professional expertise and resources to accelerate the building of its Digital Cultural Pavilion, and has launched webcasts of its large-scale performance programs.

Besides, experts also helped improve recent creations at the Theatre Troupe of Tibet Autonomous Region, including “The Northern Yard of Barkhor Street” and seven other shows, including sketches such as “Today is Your Birthday” and “My Dekyi” etc.

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