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Qinghai recognizes 340 monastic sutra teachers of Tibetan Buddhism

2019-11-21 15:11:00China Tibet Online

According to the Qinghai Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee on November 13 that Qinghai has officially recognized the qualifications of monastic sutra teachers of Tibetan Buddhism for the first time. 340 sutra teachers have been awarded qualification certificates. This award is jointly organized by the Qinghai Province Buddhist Association and the Qinghai Province Tibetan Buddhism College. The 340 masters who have been recognized are all over 50 years of age, and they include 53 special-level masters, 128 advanced-level masters, 77 intermediate-level masters, and 82 beginner-level masters.

Zhaba, the deputy secretary general of the Qinghai Province Buddhist Association, said that since 2018, Qinghai Province has registered for application of qualified monastic sutra teachers of Tibetan Buddhism. In June 2019, the Qinghai Province Tibetan Buddhism Monastic Dharma Master Eligibility Qualification Committee reviewed and submitted their list to relevant departments to be publically announced.

Fore example, a total of 19 sutra teachers from the Qinghai Province Tibetan Buddhism College have been recognized, of which eight are special-level masters and 11 are advanced-level masters. They come from the Gelug, Nyingma, Sagya, Gagyu, Jonang sect. of Tibetan Buddhism and Bonsimo.

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