Tibetan yak milk comes to Hong Kong

2017-09-01 09:26:26 | From:China Tibet Online

For the first time, Tibetan yak milk, produced by a dairy company Treasure of  Plateau Yak Dairy Co., Ltd in southwest China’s Tibet appeared at the 28th Hong Kong Food Fair opened from August 17 to 21.

One person in charge with Treasure of  Plateau Yak Dairy Co., Ltd said that Hong Kong is a major stop for the company’s yak milk to be introduced to the rest of the world. Treasure of the Plateau not only brought their milk to Hong Kong, they also exhibited the beautiful scenery of Tibet, strong yaks, and the natural ecology of the grasslands online. More importantly, with the help of the Hong Kong Food Fair as an international platform  they will put Tibetan yak dairy products into the global market.

At the Food Fair, Treasure of Plateau attracts many Hong Kong residents and international exhibitors. .

Exhibitors  come to sample and learn about Treasure of  Plateau’s yak dairy products.

Exhibitors take a photo with staff members from Treasure of  Plateau.


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