• Lhasa celebrates New Year
    Lhasa celebrates New Year 2011-01-05 | From:

    Flags fly in Lhasa's streets to celebrate the New Year. Promotions for cars, houses and commodities attract crowds, indicating a better future in the coming year.

  • Tibet's imports, exports plummet in 2009 2010-01-31 | From:

    Tibet handled total imports and exports worth 401 million U.S. dollars in 2009, a plunge of 47.67 percent year on year

  • Border trade drives Tibet's foreign trade 2010-09-21 | From:

    From January to July, 2010, the total border-trade volume of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) hit 208 million dollars, up 83.26% year on year, taking up 55% of the total export-import volume.

    According to the Commerce Department of TAR, border trade has developed into a p...

  • Tibet's output value shoots up 12% in 2009
    Tibet's output value shoots up 12% in 2009 2010-03-30 | From:

    Tibet's output value shot up 12.4 percent in 2009 to 44.13 billion yuan (6.46 billion U.S. dollars), according to Tibet's Statistical Bureau.

  • Lhasa's hot market to celebrate "two festivals"
    Lhasa's hot market to celebrate "two festivals" 2010-09-20 | From:

    With the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival and National Day holidaysc Lhasa's commercial market such as farmers' markets, supermarkets and wholesale markets is enjoying a hot business.

  • View Lhasa's modern district
    View Lhasa's modern district 2009-12-13 | From:

    Lhasa's Newu District, a place little known to the public, has been modernized in the campaign to develop Lhasa's urban areas.

  • First joint loan in Tibet 2010-06-06 | From:

    Bank of China Tibet Branch, China Agricultural Bank Tibet Branch and Post Office Bank Tibet Branch jointly gave 750 million yuan of loan to Tibet Huatailong Mine Industry Co.,Ltd.

  • Swiping-card consumption universal in Tibet
    Swiping-card consumption universal in Tibet 2010-04-09 | From:

    "Pay in cash or by swiping card?" Today, customers in Lhasa will often be asked to choose the payment mode when paying their bills in cafés, hotels, department stores, or franchises stores.