Tibet publishes first illustrated book on intangible cultural heritage inheritors

2017-12-18 09:24:41 | From:China Tibet Online

It is reported that the first illustrated book on intangible cultural heritage inheritors of southwest China’s Tibet is officially published.

The book systematically provide brief introductions to Tibet’s 350 representative intangible culture heritage inheritors and can act as a guide to understand the status of intangible cultural heritage in Tibet.

The book contains 360,000 words (Chinese characters) and includes information on 350 representative intangible culture inheritors of national- and autonomous region-level, of which there are 19 inheritors of folk literature, 17 inheritors of traditional music, 124 inheritors of traditional dance, 23 inheritors of traditional opera, 7 inheritors of folk performance art, 30 inheritors of traditional fine art, 75 inheritors of traditional arts and crafts, 31 inheritors of traditional medicine, and 24 inheritors of folk customs.

Tibet has a wealth of intangible cultural heritage resources, of which 89 items are listed as national-level intangible cultural heritage, 323 items are listed as the autonomous region-level intangible cultural heritage and more than 1,107 items are listed as the county-level intangible cultural heritage.

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