Ancient ethnic minority texts shown at National Museum

2017-08-01 09:00:09 | From:China Tibet Online

The "Chinese Ethnic Minority Ancient Texts and Achievements in Preservation Exhibition" began its tour on July 26 at the National Museum in Beijing, capital of China. This is the first time ancient ethnic minority texts have been exhibited at the museum.

The exhibition tour includes a collection of 178 original precious ancient texts, most of which are on the "National Precious Ancient Texts List", and 30 of them have been provided by the National Library of China.

In addition, the exhibition also presented 16 types including 1,000 volumes of major publications on ethnic minority over the past 30 years and 31 display boards on the country's achievements made in the work of ethnic minority texts.

The ancient texts are written in Dongba, Yi, Tangut and Khitan languages.

The exhibition will continue through August 4. Last year, the exhibition toured in Guangxi, Xinjiang, and Yunnan from June to November.

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