Tibetan language action film premieres in Lhasa

2017-06-14 15:25:45 | From:China Tibet Online

The Tibetan language film Jinzhumami, set in the battle of Chamdo in 1950, premiered recently in Lhasa, capital of Tibet. The film is considered by viewers as a rare ethnic minority action movie in current domestic film market.

"Jinzhu" means a Bodhisattva who saves others from suffering, and "mami" means solider, therefore "jinzhumami" refers to Bodhisattva soldiers who helped others. After the People's Liberation Army (PLA) liberated Tibet, "jinzhumami" became the name for them.

Jinzhumami, the first film created by the city of Chamdo, tells the story of a soldier named Hua Shan and his stories with local leaders, bandits when carrying out duties, and shows the historical changes that took place within Tibetan society and the process of integration between Tibetans and Han Chinese.

The film used numerous aerial shots to show the natural scenery of the plateau in the east part of Tibet.

"The film portrays a number of ‘tough Tibetans', which probably hasn't been done before in other Tibetan language movies," the director Yang Rui said.

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