Purchasing special necessities to enjoy Tibetan New Year

2017-02-27 16:15:15 | From:vtibet.com

Photo taken on February 23 shows citizens select candies at supermarket in Lhasa. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Tsagol comes to Lhasa to sell hometown specialty---dairy products from Barang Village, Nelong Township in Miling County. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Photo shows all kinds of flowers with a blaze of bright colors. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Photo shows a resident from Maizhokunggar County chooses Tibetan costume. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Photo shows citizens purchase butter sculpture at Barkhor shopping mall. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Photo shows a citizen buys fresh pork at Chakpori agricultural trade market. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

Photo shows a merchant puts traditional vessels straight and neatly. [Photo/ China Tibet News]

In the warm spring, flowers are coming out with a rush, and the sunlight shines over all the earth. The snow-covered plateau is permeated with jubilant atmosphere as the approaching of Tibetan New Year, according to China Tibet News.

Shopping malls, supermarkets, and food markets are full of a great variety of beautiful things. People purchase special necessities, including new clothes, vegetables and fruits, butter sculptures, dairy products, candies, and flowers, which adds a happy and auspicious aura to the Losar festival atmosphere.

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