Free Tibetan cultural training at Tibet library

2017-01-28 14:47:07 | From:China Tibet Online


As Lunar New Year and Tibetan New Year approaches, Tibet Library invited Lin Wen (Pema Tsering), a Tibetan cultural archive expert and renowned Sanskrit scholar of the studies of the statement, for a lecture series on "The Art of the Statement: Studies of Rhythm."    

According to experts, the studies of the statement could be considered as linguistics.

It is a discipline within standardized linguistics, and also examines the character, structure, rules of composition and changes, and functional words and verbs in Tibetan, whereas the studies of rhythm researches theories in the Tibetan and Sanskrit alphabet, the combination and emphasis in Tibetan verses, three-line mantras' poetic composition, and other rhythmic patterns, etc.  

The training is a public welfare event and is free to all. The maximum enrollment is 30 students.



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