Stone lion of Qing Dynasty displayed at museum in Lhasa

2017-06-16 16:20:11 | From:China Tibet Online

The stone lion unearthed in April in a former ministerial office in Lhasa was successfully transported to the Yamen Museum recently. Visitors to the museum are finally able to see it in person.

Most of the original structures of the lion have been well preserved and various parts are clearly visible. The paint on the body can still be seen. The statue is 169 cm high, 104.7 cm wide at the base, and weighs about 2 tons. Cultural relic specialists confirmed that the stone lion is the one standing at the entrance to the residence of the then grand minister stationed in Tibet by emperors of the Qing Dynasty, and is an important piece of testimony to the Qing government's presence in Tibet.

Because the stone lion was buried underground for a relatively long time, Specialists were asked to use magnifying glasses to carefully examine it before it was transferred to the museum. After the stone lion was handed over, the museum worked quickly to prepare its display, detailing its history and value, and then inviting experts to formulate detailed measures on how to protect it.

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