China creates cyber attack database, requires telecom firms to report threats

2017-09-14 00:43:24 | From:

China will create a national database on cyber attacks and require telecom firms, Internet companies and domain name providers to report threats.

TheMinistry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT) said companies, telecommunication firms and government agencies must share information on attacks, including Trojan malware, hardware vulnerabilities, and content linked to malicious IP addresses to the new platform.

An MIIT policy note also said that the ministry will be responsible for disposing the threats under the new rules, which take effect in 2018.

Companies and network providers which fail to follow the rules will be subject to warnings, fines and other administrative penalties.

The law is the latest in a series of moves by China designed to guard core infrastructure and private enterprises against cyber attacks.

In June, China's cyber administration formalized a nationwide cyber emergency response plan.


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