High school removes honorable mention of student who vilified his countrymen

2017-09-14 00:43:06 | From:http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1066320.shtml

A high school in Southwest China's Sichuan Province removed the name of a student on its website after the student vilified his compatriots in Chinese mainland as "Chinese maggot."

The student, Tang Lipei, who studied in Luzhou Tianli International School and then graduated in 2012 with the province's best academic record, was marked by the school on its website as an honor.

However, the school seems to have removed his name, after the once "excellent" student stirred controversy recently by calling netizens "Chinese maggot" when studying in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Tang published an article on Sina Weibo on September 7 criticizing students from Chinese mainland, who had vied to cover "independence" posters which appeared in many Hong Kong universities recently.

He apologized on his Sina Weibo account Saturday saying that the words just came out because of sudden impulse and he wanted to take them back.

"I myself actually strongly oppose these separatists. But I cannot have a detailed discussion due to limitations," said Tang.

Later, netizens found that Tang's name was not listed on the school's website where it had listed three of its students who achieved top academic grades in the province in 2012.

The school's publicity bureau told the Global Times that they are not aware of the situation and refused to reveal more details.

It is Tang's attempt to be accepted by this certain "group," and he did it in order to erase his past, which he believes brings shame on him, Zhang Yiwu, a professor at Peking University, told the Global Times.

Zhang noted that respect for one's motherland is indispensible part of young people's humanistic quality and it may change in different circumstances, but cannot be abandoned.

Newspaper headline: High school removes mention of student who vilified countrymen

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