Phoenix TV cancels popular talk show

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A long-running talk show presented by Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV has been cancelled this week after nearly 20 years.

The talk show, "Behind Headline with Wen Tao," hosted by anchor Dou Wentao, announced its suspension on Sina Weibo on Tuesday, without further explanation.

"The broadcasting of the talk show will be suspended due to an adjustment in the channel's programs. Thanks for your love for so many years, and hope to see you again," read the talk show's Weibo post.

The program, which discussed current affairs and hot topics in a relaxed and witty way, was aired on weekdays since 1998. In each episode, Dou invited two guests to exchange their views and debate the recent headline news.

The talk show has attracted many viewers in Chinese mainland over the 20 years. The cancellation notice posted by the talk show, which has over 430,000 followers, has been reposted by more than 34,000 times as of press time. But a search for the name of the program on Weibo showed no results Wednesday.

The talk show has not been updated since June 26 on, a Beijing-based video site affiliated to Phoenix TV, but the previous episodes of the programs were still available on several video streaming websites in China, including Tencent's and

Another two programs of the Phoenix TV - Peter Qiu's Talk and Current Affairs Debate, were also unavailable on Wednesday for unknown reasons. The two programs featured debate on global affairs.

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