US embassy denies it failed to help fainting man

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The US Embassy in China denied on Thursday allegations that its staff failed to help an elderly man who fainted outside its Beijing consular section on Wednesday.

"Our staff immediately took steps to provide him with assistance, including contacting medical personnel, contacting his relatives and escorting him through the consular section," Mary Beth Polley, US Embassy in China spokesperson, told the Global Times.

"The applicant later left the embassy in the care of his family members," Polley said.

The official response came after a Sina Weibo post on Wednesday claimed that embassy staff did nothing to help the senior citizen after he fainted under the hot weather.

A heat wave this week has pushed temperatures above 36C in Beijing, according to the website of the China Meteorological Administration.

"The old man was foaming at the mouth but the staff did not even bring him a cup of water, they only said they would call emergency services, but took no action," the post said.

The post also claimed that embassy staff refused to accept another man's visa application after he angrily demanded they call emergency services.

While the author of the post - who went by the user name wzxiboliyalang - claimed to have witnessed the event, no photos or video footage proved the author was present or the accuracy of the claim.

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