Siblings behind scan van that revealed fetuses’ sex arrested in Guangzhou

2017-07-10 19:25:03 | From:

A brother and sister team was arrested in Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province Saturday for illegally identifying the sex of fetuses with a mobile ultrasound scanner, local media reported.

The pair, who drove an unremarkable-looking van carrying their scanner, told couples hoping for a son that they could reveal the sex of a fetus for between 300 and 500 yuan ($44.11 to $73.52).

"As far as I know, seven women had abortions after finding out the sex of the baby," said Wang, the local who tipped-off the media about the business.

An undercover reporter from local news portal and a pregnant volunteer called the pair to arrange an appointment.

According to the volunteer, the van was driven by a male driver and the woman in the back used a scanner that looked like a large laptop.

The woman revealed the unborn baby's sex in two minutes and told the volunteer she had been "performing these scans for 17 years."

The pair were arrested Saturday and their van and scanner were seized.

It's illegal to reveal a fetus's sex or get a sex-selective abortion when there is no medical reason to do so, according to aNational Health and Family Planning Commissionregulation issued to correct China's gender imbalance. If the siblings are found guilty, they will face up to a 30,000 yuan fine each and the confiscation of their illegal profits.

China's overall gender ratio was 105.02 men to every 100 women in 2015, official data shows.

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