Fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui made up stories based on info acquired via bribery: Xinhua

2017-07-10 18:00:34 | From:http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1055739.shtml

Fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui has fabricated allegation based on information he illegally acquired by bribing airline workers, the Xinhua News Agency has quoted one of the airline workers as saying.

Guo fled China in 2014 and has since been making explosive accusations against Chinese companies and top government officials.

Song Jun, 47, who worked in civil aviation management for over 20 years, admitted to having helped Guo acquire customer information about Hainan Airlines' (HNA) business jets.

He confessed to police that Guo first contacted him in August 2015, at which time Guo had already fled China.

"Guo asked me about passengers on domestic corporate flights. He wanted me to provide flight and passenger information, claiming that he could get a better grasp of China's economic trend by following the whereabouts of major Chinese entrepreneurs," Xinhua quoted Song as saying.

Song said he complied after Guo promised to buy him a house in UK, lend a hand to Song's private business and take care of Song's daughter who was studying abroad at the time.

Song contacted his acquaintance Ma Cong, a duty manager of the HNA Group's business flight subsidiary Deer Jet. Ma Cong provided Song 561 pieces of information involving 146 people between December 2015 and March 2017.

Both Song and Ma Cong were apprehended by the police last month.

Xinhua quoted Song as saying that Guo cooked up stories based on the information that he provided.

"Guo Wengui keeps talking nonsense. He saw a man and a woman boarding the same plane and immediately he came up with the story of them having a wild affair on the plane. The truth is that there were so many people on the same plane, how was it even possible?" Song said.

Song claimed that every time Guo "revealed" something on the Internet, he would attach Song's information to back it up but claim that the scoop came from former deputy State Security Minister Ma Jian.

Ma Jian has been removed from his post and is currently under investigation of graft.

In April, Guo wrote on Twitter that the HNA Group gave a Boeing 787 to a special client as a gift and attached the flight information of that plane.

Duty manager for HNA Ma Cong said that plane belongs to the HNA Group, as is clearly stated on the purchasing documents, and the plane is for commercial use, open for rental to whoever is willing to pay the fee.

Xinhua said Guo's appetite was greater than it appeared, claiming that the tycoon has been collecting private information on some politicians and renowned figures in the US and Middle East.

HNA Group threatened to sue Guo.

Pan Shiyi, owner of Chinese real estate developer SOHO China, already filed a lawsuit in New York in June.

Guo accused Pan of rigging the firm's bid for the Morgan Center project in Beijing, now known as the Pangu Plaza, in 2006. Guo also called Pan the "white gloves" of some officials, alleging Pan served as the middleman for money laundering activities through seemingly legitimate firms.

Meanwhile, a New York-based lawyer said he will file a lawsuit in a US court on behalf of six Chinese companies and four individuals against Guo and his companies, seeking $1.5 billion over alleged unpaid debt and compensation, Chinese financial magazine Caixin reported.

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