Xi stresses importance of keeping China-US ties on track

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Chinese PresidentXi Jinpingstressed the importance of keeping Sino-US ties on track during his meeting with US counterpartDonald Trumpon Saturday on the sidelines of the Group of 20 (G20) summit.

The two leaders also discussedNorth Korea, which claimed it had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile a few days ago, that some experts say may reach the US Pacific Northwest.

Xi urged joint efforts with Trump to keep bilateral ties on track and coordinate on international affairs, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Xi also stressed the need for mutual respect and win-win cooperation to keep China-US ties healthy, adding that stronger Sino-US ties are good for global stability in a complex world.

Xi told Trump at an earlier phone conversation that Sino-US ties have reached important achievements since his meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Florida in April, but that relations have also been affected by some negative factors.

Liu Weidong, a research fellow at the Institute of American Studies of the China Academy of Social Sciences, said that the Chinese president could be voicing his concerns over recent US moves, including arms sales to Taiwan and the cruise of a US missile destroyer in China's territorial waters off the Xisha Islands.

"China would very much like to maintain a certain level of stability, both domestically and geopolitically, to create the right atmosphere for the upcoming national congress of the Communist Party of China," Liu told the Global Times.

The two world leaders also discussed "global hot-spot issues" during their meeting, Xinhua reported.

Trump told Xi that "something has to be done" on North Korea, AFP reported.

"It may take longer than I'd like, it may take longer that you'd like," Trump said, "but there will be success in the end, one way or the other."

Trump also said he appreciated what Xi has done, according to Reuters.

For his part, Xi reiterated on Saturday China's stance on the North Korean nuclear issue, stressing the importance of achieving denuclearization on theKorean Peninsulathrough dialogue. He also reaffirmed China's opposition to the US deployment ofTHAAD, according to People's Daily.

"China is unlikely to dance to the US' music. Beijing has to weigh its options to see what's best for its interests," Da Zhigang, director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences' Institute of Northeast Asian Studies, told the Global Times on Saturday.

His view was echoed by Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, who told the Global Times that China has so much more at stake, given that North Korea is its neighbor and a war close to China would be unacceptable to Beijing.

Da noted that Trump is trying to bargain by openly expressing his disappointment to pressure China into exerting more influence on North Korea.

"This phase will likely take one to six months to see if China would act accordingly and whether North Korea would start to behave under pressure. If not, there is the possibility that the US would consider a military option," Da said.

He noted that while Trump said "something has to be done," that "something" is unlikely to be an immediate US military strike.

Trump had previously expressed impatience with China after North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts believe has the range to reach Alaska, Hawaii and perhaps the US Pacific Northwest. North Korea said the missile could carry a large nuclear warhead.

"Even if North Korea has missiles that are able to reach the US mainland, the country will not use it against the US. Both Pyongyang and Washington know that firing a missile at the US is a suicide mission," Da said. "But for Washington, it is a good opportunity to launch a media and psychological warfare."

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