City suspends plan to monitor officials

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A plan to use GPS technology to manage officials involved in poverty alleviation work in a city of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province has been suspended, local officials said.

The Poverty Relief Headquarter Office of Yulin, Shaanxi had ordered that all the first secretaries and officials stationed in villages who are involved in the poverty relief work would be managed through GPS from June 30, a notice released by the office said.

However, an official at the Poverty Relief Office of Yulin on Wednesday told the Global Times that the project has not yet been started.

He did not give the reason, nor did he know when the order would be implemented.

"The notice was sent to us on June 26, but then we received an urgent notice from the higher-level department saying that the project has been suspended," an official at the poverty relief office of Jingbian county, Yulin told the Global Times.

The official from Jingbian said that they were not given the reason for the suspension, but some officials from the county thought the order was "a little bit impractical."

"Not all officials could visit the villages with poverty relief work 220 days a year as required by the order," the official said.

According to the June 26 notice, officials stationed in the villages were asked to download an APP on their mobile phones and log in with personal accounts, so that they could "sign in" regularly through it, The Beijing News reported on Friday.

According to an employee from the Yulin Poverty Relief Office, after signing in, the officials could be traced through GPS, the report said.

The officials' "sign in" status would be checked randomly by departments at county and city levels, according to the notice.

Besides the "sign in," the notice also demanded the officials upload a working report on poverty relief.

"The order aims to enhance the management of the officials stationed in villages to ensure they spend time in the villages," the employee said, The Beijing News reported on Friday.

He also said that since officials would be only signed in to the APP during working hours, it would not violate their privacy.

Even though using GPS to manage officials could be a means to enhance discipline, it could also reduce the motivation of the officials for poverty relief, Wang Jingbo, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, was cited as saying by The Beijing News.

Four officials in Mizhi, Yulin were removed from office in June for not performing their duties in poverty relief work, The Beijing Youth Daily reported on Monday.

According to the report in the Beijing News, the Poverty Relief Headquarter Office of Yulin was a new department founded in June to direct and coordinate the city's poverty alleviation work.

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