Beijing 2022 recruitment draws worldwide attention

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The first worldwide staff recruitment for Beijing 2022, inaugurated on March 20, draws worldwide attention as more than 300,000 person-time from 112 countries and regions visited the recruitment page on the official website and over 2,800 people applied for positions in the organizing committee.

A total of 22 staff members will be recruited for 21 positions, including 11 staff members to be recruited worldwide for 10 positions. Positions in this recruitment involve majors in planning and construction, venue management, marketing, media, finance, law and foreign languages.

The application for the recruitment will finish on March 31 and the preliminary selection process has already begun.

According to the organizers, near 2,300 people applied for the positions on offer this time, while more than 500 people registered for the talent pool. Those who have the intention to participate in the work of Beijing 2022, but do not meet the qualifications for the positions recruited this time may log on the recruitment page to apply for their inclusion in the talent pool.

This time, the applicants come from a wide range of career background, including transnational enterprises, large scale enterprises and public institutions, famous universities and oversea enterprises. Some applicants have vast experiences in organizing world sports event and master several foreign languages.

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