Political advisors discuss int'l sci-tech cooperation, "big science"

2016-08-19 00:40:19 | From:http://english.cri.cn/12394/2016/08/19/3561s937879.htm

China's political advisors on Thursday discussed pushing forward international sci-tech cooperation and "big science" programs during a bi-weekly consultation session.

In recent years, China has participated in a few international big science programs and projects and cultivated a number of outstanding researchers and engineering technicians, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee said at the session.

Big science programs are those featuring heavy investment, a large number of researchers, advanced and sophisticated equipment and grand research goals.

China has been an active participant in international big science projects, such as the Human Genome Project, and launched the China Human Proteome Project.

The global influence of Chinese science and technology has grown, and the country's industries have made headway, the political advisors said, while adding that challenges remain.

Some of them suggested actively participating in international cooperation and big science programs, with forward-looking and reasonable planning.

Cooperation should be carried out within the country's capabilities, they said, suggesting selective implementation of projects spearheaded by China.

The political advisors stressed cultivating talent and attracting talent from abroad, motivating scientists and engineers, as well as creating better working conditions for them.

They also suggested relevant agencies effectively coordinate projects to prevent redundant work and ensure they are sufficiently staffed and funded.

Yu Zhengsheng, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, presided over the session and gave a speech.

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