China Observes First National Security Education Day

2016-04-15 19:44:59 | From:

Officials have distributed a plethora of promotional material for the first National Security Education Day on Friday.

The campaign, following the passing of the National Security Law last summer, is spearheaded by lecture programs available on several new media platforms. They are led by a Tsinghua University professor.

Pamphlets, posters and animations have been distributed in government organizations, schools, businesses and housing complexes, according to the Ministry of Justice.

On July 1 of 2015, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed the National Security Law, declaring April 15 a day for raising awareness of national security among the public.

The law, covering defense, finance, science and technology, culture and religion, highlights cyber security and demands the establishment of a coordinated, efficient crisis management system.

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