Chinese Leaders Stress Well-being in Ethnic Regions

2016-03-11 07:05:48 | From:

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have joined panel discussions with law makers from China's ethnic minority regions as part of the annual parliamentary sessions.

Xi Jinping has used his time in a session with lawmakers from Qinghai to stress the need for environmental protection.

"Environment protection has to be a priority. We should protect the environment like protecting our eyes and treat the environment the way we treat our lives. We should promote green development and green lifestyles. We should also protect the Sanjiang Area, the water source of our country, so that the rivers will always be clean."

At the same time, Premier Li Keqiang has met with lawmakers from Xinjiang.

He says economic development in the region will go a long way toward ensuring stability in the sometimes-restive northwest.

"Transportation and water conservancy infrastructure is part of our national security. Building up this kind of infrastructure will bring more jobs to Xinjiang. Local development officials need to work to increase support for transportation, water conservation and energy generation. This is key in solving uneven development."

Both Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping have also stressed the need for solidarity in China's ethnic regions among the various ethnic groups.

There are 55 ethnic minorities recognized in China.

Most of them live in under developed areas of the country.

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