Detained Man Identified as Serial Killer in Central China

2016-01-18 13:50:41 | From:

This undated photo shows the arrest of the suspected serial killer who claimed six lives in Hunan province. [Photo:]

A man who was arrested in central China's Hunan Province on Sunday has been confirmed as a serial killer who claimed six lives in three days.

The police found the suspect, surnamed Nie, murdered a village leader on Friday as he attempted to rape a woman, who was also injured.

He then allegedly killed the son, daughter, nephew and niece of local villager Kuang Runhua in Hengshan County on Saturday afternoon. All four victims were teenagers, with the youngest just 13 years old.

Nie, 27, is also suspected of killing another villager, 31-year-old Yu, while he was on the run Sunday morning, according to Hunan's provincial Department of Public Security.

Nie was caught at around 12:20 p.m. Sunday near a county elementary school after a manhunt involving more than 300 police officers.

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