Three Detained for Involvement in Making Smoked Meat from Rare Animals

2016-01-13 20:52:23 | From:

Three people have been detained in southwest China's Sichuan Province for involvement in making smoked meat from wild animals, local police said Wednesday.

Eating preserved pork and sausages is a long-held tradition in Sichuan, with many households making smoked bacon before the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Feb. 8 this year.

Police in Maoxian County detained a farmer surnamed Cao, after they found 41 wild animal parts and a gun in his home following a tip-off on Jan. 9.

Initial investigations showed that Cao purchased musk deer, gorals and muntjacs - which are all under state-protection - from two other suspects, identified only by their surnames Suo and Zhang. Cao then cut and smoked the animals and hung them in his room, police said.

Further investigation is underway.

China bans wildlife poaching, with Criminal Law stipulating whoever is involved in hunting, killing, illegally purchasing or sale of protected wild animals will face fines, as well as a fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention.

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