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Tibetan culture more active on domestic, overseas stages
2013-11-15 10:25:00
by: Melinda Jin
From: China Tibet Online

The Tibetan culture has become more active on both domestic and overseas stages, especially the Tibet-themed cultural performances and activities, which serve as a platform for people across the world to take a closer look at Tibet's development and its splendid culture.

Tibetan culture highlights national stages

Over the past years, the central government and the local government of Tibet Autonomous Region have worked together to protect, inherit and develop the outstanding traditional Tibetan culture.

Thus, the Tibetan culture with its unique ethnic charm has become a highlight during various cultural activities nationwide.

During the 10th China Art Festival held in east China's Shandong Province from Oct. 11 to 26, the Tibetan performances dazzled the audiences with their distinctive folk customs.

Two Tibet-themed dramas were awarded the Splendor Awards and five performances were awarded the Stars Awards in China Art Festival, the biggest national art festival on largest scale in the country.

Over 300 Tibetan artists offered the most ever Tibet-themed performances in history, which also reflected the best period of Tibet in the development of both professional and amateur arts.

Meanwhile, various exhibitions on Tibet-themed artworks have been held in big inland cities such as Beijing, the country's cultural center, offering people more chances to have a taste of the Tibetan culture.

Thangka paintings by famous Tibetan artist Shalu Wangdu were displayed at an exhibition held at the CPPCC Auditorium in Beijing, Nov. 5, 2013, showing altogether 27 Thangka works on Tibetan Buddhism subject.

Nearly 100 paintings Works by contemporary Chinese artist Han Shuli, renowned for paintings with a Tibetan flavor, were on show in the National Art Museum of China on Sept. 29 in Beijing before touring Macao and Taiwan. Over the past 40 years, the artist has devoted himself to Tibet and helped many Tibetan painters establish themselves in the art world.

Many Tibet-themed cultural activities can be seen in inland cities easily, and more cultural products eye their development and dissemination in inland cities as well.

With an investment of 750 million yuan (123 million U.S. dollars), the large-scale Tibetan drama "Princess Wencheng" has been performed for 82 scenes since its premiere on Aug. 1.

The drama is expected to be restaged since April 1 next year on a tour in big inland cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

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