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Dalai Lama innocent from manipulating self-immolations? No
2013-12-04 08:47:00
by: Dawa Drolma

"I can't ask them to act differently", said the 14th Dalai Lama, who repeated his cliché about Tibetans' self-immolation issue during his visit to Japan in November, 2013.

Along with his similar expressions saying "If I were to ask them to stop, I'd have to have an alternative to offer and I don't. All we can do is to pray" in Italy and many other places, it seems that the Dalai Lama is an "innocent lamb" on this topic.

However, as the leader of the Dalai clique, which has instigated many self-immolation cases and killed dozens of people in China with irrefutable evidence, the Dalai Lama shifted his responsibility toward this issue, speaking like a burglar shouting "Stop the thief", unbelievable.

Time after time, this "Tibetan spiritual leader" keeps attempting to distance himself from the self-immolation issue, and repeatedly stresses his ambiguous remarks like "discourage" and "difficult situation", rather than a clear "stop".

So what is the "difficult" situation of the Dalai Lama really about?

Since the Dalai Lama is considered to be "merciful" and "lenient" thanks to his religious role, he not only can't express his support towards the self-immolation frankly, but also is obliged to condemn the cases according to the Buddhist doctrine. With his influence on Tibetans, he owns the intention and the ability to stop the inhumane self-immolations. However, reality is just the opposite.

In fact, the Dalai Lama never expressed a clear statement, even a single word "no" or "stop" toward this issue.

His political ambition of drawing more international attention and sympathy makes him not say "Stop it". And his "good fame of kindness" makes him not say "Go ahead", what is a dilemma!

"I can't ask them to act differently because I have nothing to offer them" said the Dalai Lama, second part of which might reflect more truth: he really didn't offer anything good, but only sadness, pain and desperation for Tibetans.

It is reported over 100 self-immolation cases have occurred during the past several years according to some foreign media, many of which have conclusive evidence to prove the incitation of the Dalai clique. Women and teenagers became victims, and the case of Tibetan teenagers' self-immolation caused by adults' instigation tramples on the international efforts focusing on women and children's rights protection.

The Dalai clique even published a "Self-immolation Guide" on the Internet in mid-2013, publicly encouraging Tibetans within the Chinese border to "carry out self-immolations according to the plan and procedures", demonstrating a sober attitude in scheming and arranging the cruel actions, such as "picking important days and places" "leaving written or recorded last words", and "asking a couple of trustworthy people to help record videos and take photos".

When the Dalai clique led by the 14th Dalai Lama has been proven to plot and instigate self-immolations in the places which are strongly influenced under his "glory" , it is really unwise for the Dalai Lama to escape.

What he should do and must do is to use his influence to do something good, such as stopping his fellows' desperate insanity and his believers' religious fanaticism, and terminating the self-immolations.

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