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Biased western media coverage on Tibet denounced on forum in Lhasa
2014-08-12 16:01:00
by: Lethe Guo

LHASA, Aug. 12 (China Tibet Online) "Sri Lankan media depends largely on western news agencies as sources of news. This has resulted in distorted facts about Tibet," said by Kulasri Kariyawasam, secretary of Sri Lanka China Social and Cultural Cooperation on the speech session of the Fourth Forum on Development of Tibet, China, on August 12, 2014.

In fact, on the opening ceremony, N. Ram, Chairman of Lasturi & Sons Limited (The Hindu) also pointed out that "journalism in the western media contributes to this problem in a significant way by feeding off the disinformation campaign unleashed by the Dalai Lama group's headquarters and the votaries of Tibetan 'independence'."

On this, Lord Neil Forbed Davidson, Labour's shadow Advocate General sitting in the House of Lords, commented as "true", adding that the western media merely write people's happiness in China's Tibet and know little about the type of development taking place in Tibet.

He said, "Many western reports are written by enthusiasts of the Dalai Lama. And they may feel uncomfortable when their presumptions or assumptions are challenged. It is uncomfortable and expensive to have their prejudice challenged."

He also added that many western media are profit-making but traveling to Tibet is too costly, which is also a reason why they couldn't come and report on spot in Tibet. From his perspective, the Chinese government has done a great job in developing Tibet to the current stage, where people live happily, and there is a gap between the western media coverage on Tibet and the real Tibet.

On the opening ceremony, N. Ram also expressed his opinion that "the 14th Dalai Lama cannot be treated merely, or even primarily, as a religious leader. In fact, he is a consummate politician and separatist political figure, complicit in a number of acts of violence and sabotage, and responsible for serious and long-lasting damage to the sustainable development of Tibet and the well-beings of Tibetans."

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