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Mountain climbing guides help others and themselves
2013-12-25 15:49:00
by: Ellen Liu

Dressed in red mountain climbing outfit and heavily loaded on his back, Tsering Wangdu embarked onto the narrow and rough mountain paths.

Tsering Wangdu, 18, is one of the Eighth Batch of the students in Tibet Mountain Climbing School, and one of the youngest. After one year of strict training, this nine-member group of students who just attended the 11th Autumn Tibet Mountain Climbing Meeting is responsible for shipping supplies from the 4,300-meter-tall base camp to another 5,200-meter-tall camp, the premier in their career.

Tsering Wangdu was born into a family of farmers and herders in Nyalam County with the highest altitude of 8,012 meters at Mt. Shishabangma, the 14th tallest mountain in the world.

"I want to become a good mountain climbing guide to conquer one peak after another," said Tsering Wangdu.

Founded in 1999, the Tibet Mountain Climbing School is the first and the only school in China for training professional mountain climbers. Most of the students are from families of farmers and herders in the Himalayas mountainous areas. Over the 14 years, a total of 200 mountain climbing service staff members have been trained, which has also changed the life of the descendents of farmers and herders.

Tashi Tsering, short and lean though, is a first-class mountain climbing guide, who has conquered Mount Qmolangma for 10 times. He is also a record keeper of the biggest numbers in topping “the roof of the world” in China. On his client list, there are famous entrepreneurs in China, one-arm hero from abroad or non-oxygen climbers.

"It might be my previous herding up and down the mountains that built up my physique," said Tashi.

Born into a farmer's family in Gyangzê County, Tashi Tsering is one of the first batch of students in the mountain climbing school, which started his career. Now he settled down in Lhasa and has a wife and two children.

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