Why do Nepalese borderland inhabitants like to do business in China?

2016-09-03 11:07:20 | From:China Tibet Online

Photo shows a Nepalese passes the China-Nepal Friendship Bridge to China. In the Mt. Qomolangma Nature Reserve located on the southern slope of the Himalaya Mountain range, the Friendship Bridge crosses over the crystal-like Boqu River. Every day, cars and people pass along the bridge, tourists and traders gather on the river banks. The Nepalese people go through the red country-border-line at the middle of the bridge and arrive to the town of Zham Town,SW China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Photo shows a Nepalese trader checks-out his payment for goods.Zham Town is a small borderland trading town belonging to the Nyalam County of the Shigatse City in Tibet. As the only land port that is opened to the public all year round in Tibet, the Zham port workers are in charge of 82% of trading from China to Nepal as well as 93% of trading from the Tibet Autonomous Region to Nepal.

Photo shows a few Nepalese border inhabitants purchase daily living goods in the Zham Town.

Photo shows merchants bargains with buyers. The Purang border-crossing is located in Ngari of Tibet, China which is a seasonal trading port. Following the opening-up to the outside world of China, especially of Tibet, Purang has particularly set up a trading market in the town.

Photo shows Dibu in his shop. “Tibetan people really like these perfumes, our business is pretty good.”, said a Nepalese trader Dibu, his family has been doing business at the Purang port. He said: “Four generations in my family have run the business here, we really like this place.”

Photo shows all kinds of Nepalese products in Dibu’s shop. Purang is located at the valley land lying on the southern slope of the Himalaya mountain range. Dibu said: “Before we used horses or donkeys to carry goods to Purang. Nowadays, the Chinese government has built good roads. Entering China’s territory, we can use cars to transfer the goods to the Purang Town comfortably.”          

The Gyrong portis located in the Gyirong County in the Shigatse City of Tibet, just 131.5 km away from the capital city of Kathmandu of Nepal; therefore it has gained the title of “the trade route” or “the official route”. On December 1st of 2014, the Jilong-Resuowa Bilateral port was officially opened to public.   

Photo shows Cidan. Cidan, a Nepalese, has been doing business in Gyirong for 15 years; his store is named “Tashi Delek”, mostly selling daily living goods from Nepal and other countries. He saidhis annual revenue of business numbers to 600 thousand 700 thousandRMB.

Photo shows numerous people and cars goi in and out of the Zham port.At the moment, the overland border-crossing from Tibet opened towards Nepal include three, namely the Zham, the Jilong and Riwo. The Purang portopens to both Nepal and India.



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